The art featured in this gallery is created as a means of experimenting and learning new styles of art. This gallery contains pieces that I create in my free time and are a tribute to some of my favorite shows, movies, games etc. Most are done on an iPad Pro using either Procreate or Adobe Sketch.
Through the Looking Glass | Class Project
Southeastern American Animals
Caricatures | OTGW, SU, Simpsons, LOZ BOTW
Storm | Marvel X-Men
The Crystal Gems | Steven Universe
Character Design and Expression Project | Class Project
It Calls Me | Moana
Princess Inti | Lost Kingdom Concept Art
Portrait of a Friend
Where the Sky Meets the Sea | Moana
Nativity Scene
Radiant Heart Blast | Star vs the Forces of Evil
Pink Zombies | Steven Universe
Double Trouble | Steven Universe
OK S.U.! | Steven Universe/OK KO Lets Be Heroes Crossover
Troll Jim Lake | Trollhunters
Zendaya | The Greatest Showman

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