This collection of artwork was submitted to the AP College Board to review for college credit. Of the three categories judged, this collection belongs to the Breadth category. Breadth is intended to display an artist's ability to create in a variety of different styles and mediums.
Squished Self Portrait - Charcoal
The Creativity Process - Acrylic
Lola's Portrait - Charcoal
Sister Symmetry - Acrylic
Food Portrait - Pen and Watercolor
Dad's Portrait - Pen and Graphite
Glass Study - Watercolor
Hand Study - Graphite
Peacock - Batik
Barn Owl - Scratch Board
Mission Trip - Oil Pastel
B&W Bike - Charcoal
Metal lReflection Study - Graphite
Color Bike - Oil Pastel
Frog Prince - Digital Media
Costa Rican Culture - Mixed Media