In the Fall of 2019 I took my first animation class at the University of North Georgia. In this class we learn the basics of traditional animation, so here I hope to show my progression as I learn and experiment with this incredible medium
Project 5 - Quadruped Walk Cycle
A cat walks from one side of the page to the other. This animation is one full walk cycle and uses After Effects to make it move to the other side.
Project 4 - Biped Walk Cycle
A girl walks from one side of the page to the other
Project 3 - Narrative Animation - A Witch and her Familiar
This is my first animation using professional animation light tables and ACME animation paper. This is currently incomplete as I have yet to line the whole project.
Project 2 - 360 View Flipbook - Steven Jr.
This flipbook was drawn using visual reference. A rock painted (and glued with google eyes) to look like Steven from Steven Universe
Project 1 - Flipbook - Wallace the Dancing Sheep
This is my first attempt doing both cell animation and a flipbook

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