Boards made with either Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Procreate, and/or After Effects
A TALE OF TWO WORLDS - Sneak Preview
Not So Familiar - Animatic
Encounter In The Woods - Animatic Sampler
This is a collection of the scenes I boarded for a group film
This is the first animatic I have ever made, using Procreate and After Effects
Project 1 - 30 Second Short Film Storyboard
The film follows a young witch trying to conjure her own familiar. But a spell gone not quite right leads to the creation of a monster
Project 2 - Board inspired by a Fairytale Stereotype
How was dating back in medieval times? Not much different than ours. This film recreates the Tinder experience back in the olden days.
PROJECT 3 - Animatic of a Classmate’S Childhood Story in Horror Genre
The challenge for the class was to randomly swap stories and pick a genre at random. This film tells a funny childhood story with a horror twist. 
Due to finals week craziness I had just about 24hrs to make a 15-30sec animatic about anything I wanted. Well during brainstorming one of the neighborhood cats tried to jump on my roof. It didn't go well for him.